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Service @ SportHuber

  • SportHuber – right on the ski slope at Hotel Sonnenburg. We answered your question a competent answer, a solution and the best service.
  • Overnight Service – we will get your sports equipment back in top shape by the next morning.
  • Express Service – take a little break and enjoy the beauties of nature on the terrace. Meanwhile, we take care of your equipment.
  • Ski boot fitting – guarantees you the best fit
  • Maximum safety – thanks to standard-compliant binding adjustment.

Full service for skis & snowboards for holes that do not reach the core:

Your sports equipment will be dried and cleaned. All scratches and scuffs are scratched out and repaired by hand, wax residues are removed. High-quality covering compound is melted over the entire surface with the melting unit from WINTERSTEIGER.
Now the ski comes into the MONTANA Saphir B Pro grinding robot. Stone grinding (basic grinding and exact flat grinding) on covering, base edge is sanded hanging, side edges sanding (88° is standard), on request we can also adjust this setting.
Waxing and polishing the covering. We use high-quality wax from HOLMENKOL, which we always adapt to the current snow and weather conditions.

Small service for slight damage and if the surface is rough:

Your sports equipment will be dried and cleaned. Basic and structural grinding by the MONTANA grinding robot. The base edge is suspended and the side edges are ground 88°. Waxes with the matching wax from HOLMENKOL and polish.

Personal welcome / consultation

Hello, nice to have you here!

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We check your sports equipment and advise you on the necessary effort.

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The skis are dried, cleaned and inspected by our specialists. We use our new melting unit from WINTERSTEIGER to fill any holes quickly and easily.

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Edges and structure

The edges and the covering are processed in our MONTANA grinding robot and the perfect texture for the respective snow conditions is worked in.

More information about Montana Saphier B Pro

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The wax from HOLMENKOL is applied and polished according to the snow temperature.

Now please contact the cash desk. We are happy to accept the usual credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and Maestro (unfortunately no AMEX). Of course, cash is no problem for us.

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A perfect day’s skiing awaits! Have fun!